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A Digital Conference 


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For the health and safety of our attendees, staff, and supporters, the 2023 SCADA Technology Summit  will now be a digital conference.

What is a Virtual Event?

SCADA Summit presentations will be webcast with live slide presentations, audio, and real-time Q&A. Attendees may revisit these presentations after the event via recordings delivered directly to them. Exhibit booths feature rich, virtual profiles. Networking is done all-day via video conference rooms and though scheduled 1x1 meetings. 

Message each other throughout the day to stay in touch with colleagues in your industry. Join all your fellow professionals online for 2 days of learning and networking!

The event will be run by TWST Events, who has been providing digital event content for more than 20 years. Integrated with major video conference platforms, we provide the best virtual event experience in the industry. 

Learn More

shadowrock 节点

For the health and safety of our staff, attendees and sponsors, the SCADA Technology Summit is planned to take place as scheduled as a virtual conference. We look forward to seeing everyone virtually for this event.

Who Should Attend
  • CTO/CEOs

  • Engineers/Technical Directors

  • SCADA Product Designers 

  • Application Engineers

  • System Engineers

  • Academia

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  • Consultants

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Product Managers

Professionals with Expertise as:
  • End-Users of SCADA and ICS Systems

  • SCADA & Control Systems Engineers

  • Network Engineers and Managers

  • Remote Site & Facility Managers

  • Operations Managers

  • SCADA Security Professionals

  • IT Managers

  • OT Managers

  • SCADA Project Engineers

  • Research and Development

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  • Automation Engineers

  • SCADA Infrastructure Professionals

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  • Test Equipment Manager

  • SCADA Technicians

  • Consultants

  • Market Research Firms

shadowrock 节点

shadowrock 节点

shadowrock 节点


shadowrock 节点


Call for Papers



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